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-Injection moulding product design

-Steelwork, stamping and die casting product design

-Consumer product


-Finite Element and Stress Analysis (FEA), Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD

-How we work and how much costs?


How we work and how we charge

We usually work form our premises in Norwich, Norfolk. But if the project demands it we can move to our clients’ offices. Depending on the project scope and complexity is how we charge.

If you require an hour rate we charge it at £10.00 for graphic design and animations and up to £20 for injection moulding design and product engineering.

We prefer to quote for a project, rather than per hour so that our clients know exactly how much is the project going to costs and make sure we do not over run any budget.
Usually our clients send us enquiries by email, we may have a telephone conversation to further understand the project requirements and we then produce a quote, design plan and lead time and schedule proposal.  Once accepted we start working and we try to deliver our work as soon as possible without sacrificing quality or detail.

As an example a project for designing an injection moulding component like a housing, lid or not too complicated product could start from £800 for the whole concept design, engineering, basic simulations and calculations and produce detail drawings and 3D model.

Please email (xorge@x-castro.com )us or call us +44 123 969698 with your requirements and we will come back to you with a proposal in less than 48 hrs.

Design process

calculo elemento finito

calculo elemento finito





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