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Injection moulding and plastic products design and engineering



-Injection moulding product design

-Steelwork, stamping and die casting product design

-Consumer product


-Finite Element and Stress Analysis (FEA), Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD

-How we work and how much costs?

Injection moulding and plastic products design and engineering

For more than 10 years we have designed and engineered a wide range of products for the plastic industry. From blow moulding bottles with injection moulding lids and closures to display exhibition systems and household appliances.

Our commitment is to produce eye catching designs, that are easy and cost effective to produce with an optimized designed that reduces material weight and cost and complies with mechanical requirements.

We assist our clients in choosing the right material and process. Select the adequate tool maker and injection moulding supplier and could even deliver the finish product to you.

Among the process we have experience designing are: injection moulding, blow moulding, vacuum forming, rotational moulding and RIM.

From our offices in Norwich, Norfolk we support local and international companies in achieving outstanding injection moulding products at low costs and in short lead times.

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diseno en plastico

injection moulding

ingenieria charola palsticacharola inyeccion de plastico
Injection moulding tray
  piez inyeccionpieza inyeccion
Injection moulding fan case.
  diseño botellas petdiseño botellas pet
Blow and injection moulding bottles
  charola plasticocharola plastico
Injection moulding tray
  remolque interactivodiseño tapas plasticos
Injection moulding lids
Lift Pallett
  pop inyeccion plasticopop inyeccion plastico
Injection moulding retail display
  pieza inyeccion pieza inyeccion
Injection moulding fan case.
  charola inyeccion charola plastica
Injection moulding retail display
  charola plasticacharola inyeccion
Appliance tray
  diseño popdiseño pop
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