How to develop a product

A great deal of my work involves explaining and planning the process to develop a new product. There is no “secret” recipe that can guarantee a positive outcome. But if you follow a few guidelines, the possibilities of achieving commercial success will increase dramatically. On the other hand, it is important that investors, inventors and entrepreneurs familiarize with the product development process that will be followed. This helps in setting up realistic expatiations, budgets and timescales that will help meet achievable targets.

My process begins by understanding the innovation and commercial opportunity. Clients can have different motivations to develop a product, but usually fits within two categories. One is to commercialize a technology that has been developed. The second one, is to serve a market that has an unmet need that has been identified. In other words, one is technology driven, where there might not be a clear view of the commercial opportunity. And the other has a clear commercial opportunity but could lack the technology to deliver it.

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