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Fabrication of special products and bespoke manufacturing



-Injection moulding product design

-Steelwork, stamping and die casting product design

-Consumer product


-Finite Element and Stress Analysis (FEA), Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD

-How we work and how much costs?

Fabrication of special products and bespoke manufacturing

We are experienced undertaking design and manufacture of bespoke products. From a one off piece of furniture to a large scale production of injection moulding components. We know ho to deliver quickly with the highest quality at a competitive price. With a wide network of suppliers we can find the right process and supplier to fabricate any product.

Depending on the project we might use a local supplier or a manufacture abroad. In any case, we guarantee the highest quality and delivering the product on time.

Home furniture, Office furniture, point of sale, displays, exhibition stands, signs, shop fittings, furniture, TV sets and promotional products are just some examples of the projects we are able to undertake.

Some projects we have delivered include:

  We have designed and manufacture a wide range of office furniture solutions for several companies. Including an office furniture system that had to fit and accommodate the requirements of 65 different premises. The design was a modular system, easy to fabricate and assemble on site. In addition we have work with architects, interior designers and urban planners in developing and producing the best pieces of furniture for each application. produc design
  If you want something different to make your product stand out or a promotional gift to give away to selected customers, then we can provide the best solution for you. Leave the whole process in our hands, from presenting concepts and ideas up to delivering the final product to you or your clients. We know how to help you, adjust to your budget and lead times. Since we have a wide network of suppliers we will provide creative designs in wide range of materials.

For long time we have produced interactive equipment and exhibitions, especially for science and children museums. We integrate the whole user experience and develop any required technology. We can work from the concept stage up to setting up the equipment in your location.


Offering the best solution is not only design; but the combination of price, ease of use, maintenance free, robust fabrication and responding to the exact marketing requirements. From a small batch of display products, up to large scale solutions we can deliver the best product. We have experience in designing and fabricating refrigeration displays for large food manufacturers, up to small point of sale or display retail solutions for local entrepreneurs.


Get to the audience you want, grabbing their attention and communicating what is needed is not an easy job. We can help you in all the process, and will make sure the solution is addressing all the concerns and reaching the audience you need. We have developed from simple solution to hang printed posters up to trailers with screens, computers and audio devices.


If you want to stand out from the crowd, we can design with you any size of exhibition display, adjusted to your budget and objectives.


Sometimes we need something special that we cannot find in the shops. For those cases we have help architects, designers, developers and home owners to get the right piece of furniture and atmosphere they have been looking for. We take each project seriously and produce 3d rendering, animations, photorealistic images and Photoshop images of how the space is going to look.


Being for theaters, TV, cinema or special events, we can design and be in charge of the whole set up and dismantle process. We know how to communicate the message you want and create the atmosphere and experience in the audience that you are looking for.


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